As a young brand in a crowded and highly competitive field, GRS positioned itself as a fresh alternative by providing practical and durable products, and focusing on the real needs of its users. This gave them an edge and they started building a strong reputation.
However, their brand identity had several problems:
• It was outdated, generic and unfriendly
• It proved difficult to use in product branding
• It felt amateurish and made approaching larger distributors difficult
• It focused heavily on freezing, limiting the brand's growth and innovation potential
After months of work, I crafted a strategy that aligned with the brand's essence.This process resulted in a new identity system that: 
- Turned the brand's look & feel from dull and grey to friendly and vibrant, which quickly improved the public's perception and level of trust. 
- Allowed the company to see a 25% yearly growth for the next five consecutive years, becoming the fastest growing appliance brand in Central America. 
- Made it easier for the company to innovate and launch new product categories seamlessly. 
- Gave the brand a timeless look and feel that keeps going strong a decade later.
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